Core Advisory Committee Members as of Spring 2016

Ron Sundstrom, Faculty Co-Chair – through Spring 2017
Nick Imperato, SOM Representative – through Spring 2018
John Hurley, SONHP Representative – through Spring 2017
Ted Matula, Core A Chair – through Spring 2019
Jack Lendvay, Core B Chair – through Spring 2018
Zhiqiang Li, Core C Chair – through Spring 2016
Lilian Dube, Core D Chair – through Spring 2016
Elizabeth Katz, Core E Chair – through Spring 2016
Roberto Varea, Core F Chair – through Spring 2016

Area A: Foundations of Communication

Chair: Ted Matula
Rhetoric and Language (Ted Matula)
Public Speaking Director (Michelle Lavigne)
Composition Co-Directors (Cathy Gabor and
Devon Holmes)
SONHP (Kia Mg James)
SOM (Paul Ryder)

Area B: Math and Sciences

Chair: Aparna Venkatesan (Interim)
Mathematics and Statistics (Paul Zeitz)
Biology (Scott Nunes and Brian Thornton)
Chemistry (Giovanni Meloni)
Computer Science (Sami Rollins)
Environmental Science (Jack Lendvay)
Kinesiology (Karen Francis)
Physics (Aparna Venkatesan)

Area C: Humanities

Chair: Zhiqiang Li
History (Julio Moreno)
English (Ryan Van Meter and Carolyn Brown)
Modern and Classical Languages (Zhiqiang Li)

Area D: Philosophy and Theology

Chair: Lilian Dube
Philosophy (Ronald Sundstrom)
Theology and Religious Studies (Lilian Dube)

Area E: Social Sciences

Chair: Elizabeth Katz
Psychology (Marisa Knight)
Communication Studies (Evelyn Ho)
Economics (Elizabeth Katz)
Media Studies (Dorothy Kidd)
Politics (Elizabeth Jay Friedman)
Sociology (Stephanie Sears)

Area F: Visual and Performing Arts

Chair: Amie Dowling
Performing Arts (Amie Dowling)
Art + Architecture (Seth Wachtel)
Interim CAC Representative: Roberto Varea
School of Management: Nicholas Imparato
School of Nursing/Health Professions: John Hurley


Elected Member

Professor James Sikes – Biology (Spring, 2018)
Professor Cary Lai (Co-Chair) – Biology 
(Spring, 2016)
Professor Vijaya R. Nagarajan –  Theology and Religious Studies (Spring, 2018)
Professor Suparna Chakraborty – Economics (Spring, 2017)
Professor Tika Lamsal – Rhetoric and Language (Spring, 2017)

Appointed Members:

Professor June Madsen Clausen (Co-Chair) – Associate Dean for Academic Effectiveness
Professor Pamela Balls-Organista – Associate Dean for Social Sciences
Professor Eileen Fung – Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities
Professor Christina Tzagarakis-Foster – Associate Dean for Sciences
Professor Catherine Lusheck – Art+Architecture 
(Spring 2017)

Staff Support:

Marvella Luey – Assistant Dean, Academic & Faculty Services
Clark Campagna – Program Assistant, Office of Faculty Scholarship & Academic Effectiveness,