Policy Board Minutes—16 Nov 2016

3:30 p.m.


Present: Nola Agha, Brandon Brown, Robin Buccheri, Suparna Chakraborty, Joe Garity, John Higgins, Keith Hunter, Richard Johnson III, Ted Matula, Gabe Maxson, Elliot Neaman, Mary Jane Niles, Meera Nosek, Julia Orri, Sonja Poole, Stefan Rowniak, Steve Roddy, Claire Sharifi, Calla Schmidt, Brian Weiner, Maggie Winslow

Guest: Mike Lehman


1.       There was a good turnout today for the march.


I.                 New Business

A. Support for USFFA—Mike Lehman. Lehman attended at the beginning and expressed strong support for and gave compliments on the march and rally today. He left saying, “be strong”.

B. Contract negotiations updates. Neaman gave a summary of the status of our contract negotiations. He mentioned that we have been meeting with a federal mediator and talks will continue. Neaman discussed the latest offer from the administration, which could be a six-year deal but contains a redistribution of workload for new term hires from some service to teaching.

A discussion began. Garity noted that the other unions have a “me too” clause and a six-year deal could mean that they would be left out in the cold for the last three years of the contract. Neaman noted that traditionally the other unions have received the same percentages as the USFFA-FT and that while there is no guarantee that this will occur in the future, the calculations made by the administration, even for a six-year deal, have been made with the other unions in mind.

The policy Board then discussed the pros and cons of a six-year deal.

Neaman noted at the end of the meeting that the results from the dental survey indicate that a large majority do not go above their caps, and thus the offer by the administration is not attractive. Still, no decisions have yet been made on the dental benefit.

The meeting adjourned at 17:00.

Submitted by Julia Orri

USFFA-FT Secretary