Tuition Remission

University of San Francisco tuition remission benefits provide opportunities for personal and educational development for all benefits eligible employees taking USF courses for credit.  Spouses/LDA’s and IRS tax dependent children may also be eligible.

The University of San Francisco provides tuition remission for most degree granting program unless impacted (please contact Human Resources for list of impacted programs) to full-time faculty and staff and their spouses and dependent children (dependent status is determined by IRS guidelines). Tuition remission for you, LDAs and your dependents is further described in the Summary of Benefits. Most employees are subject to a repayment agreement if they leave University employment prior to completing four years.


Tuition Remission Form

For unionized faculty and staff, please see applicable labor agreements for eligibility requirements. Please note that tuition remission is not available for non-degree programs such as the Intensive English Program, audited classes, or courses taught by non-university faculty. The following provisions also apply:

  1. The employee must be full-time before the first day of classes for the semester in which tuition remission is requested.
  2. Employee, spouse, LDA and dependents must qualify for admission in the appropriate school offering the course(s).
  3. There is no interruption, because of time conflict, in the performance of duties for which the faculty/staff member was originally hired. The supervisor may make an exception to this rule.
  4. Only tuition is waived. No other fees will be paid by the University.
  5. Completed tuition remission forms must be turned into the Office of Human Resources four weeks prior to the first day of classes for degree seeking students and two weeks prior to the first day of class for students with visiting status.
  6. By federal law, the employee is responsible for all federal and state income taxes due on the value the tuition remission.

Please contact the Human Resources and Risk Specialist x6851 for details.


The Tuition Exchange (TE) Program provides the opportunity for IRS dependent children of staff to receive undergraduate scholarships at a participating member institution. The TE program is a scholarship program, not a fringe benefit provided by USF. There are a limited number of slots that can be filled annually. Application for the TE Program does not guarantee acceptance at a TE member institution or ensure a TE scholarship.

A list of the participating institutions can be found at If you have a family member interested in using the TE program, or already attending a TE member institution without a TE scholarship, please contact the Human Resources and Risk Specialist for details.