Disability Insurance

University of San Francisco employees are covered by various disability plans for short-term and long-term illnesses/injuries.

Short Term Disability

In the event an employee becomes disabled and is unable to work because of a non-job related injury or illness, short term disability replaces part of the employee’s income until he/she is able to return to work. All California employees of University of San Francisco are eligible for coverage under this plan.

Long Term Disability

All University San Francisco benefits-eligible employees are covered under this policy. In order to receive benefits, the disability must be continuous for at least 90 days. If applicable, the plan provides for a continued retirement contribution to the 401(a) plan with TIAA-CREF.

Workers Compensation

Safety for administrators is very important to the University. Therefore every attempt will be made to prevent accidents and to provide a healthful work environment. In addition, the University provides a no-fault Workers’ Compensation insurance program. If administrators are unable to work because of on the job injury or illness, Workers’ Compensation covers medical expenses and pays a portion of lost wages based on the nature of the injury.

USF’s Integrated Health & Productivity Program

We have developed an Integrated Health & Productivity (IH&P) Program to support your optimum health and well-being. This program makes use of the health management programs offered through our health plans (Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser), as well as those available through the Employee Assistance Program and USF Well Life. The program integrates with our short-term disability (STD) program to ensure that a holistic view of health and productivity management is obtained. more..

To insure the right to Workers’ Compensation benefits, administrators must report every job-related injury promptly to the Office of Human Resources. Workers Compensation