Childcare Resources

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USF Childcare Subsidy Program:  USF provides childcare subsidies, based upon a sliding income scale, for

full-time faculty and staff with pre-kindergarten children.

The monthly subsidy amount for staff and non-USFFA faculty is based on the employee’s annual salary as follows:

Staff Annual Salary Monthly Subsidy
$69,953 or less $317
$69,954 to $86,585 $286
$86,586 to $111,326 $254

The monthly subsidy amount for Faculty & Librarians is based on the employee’s job category as follows:

Faculty and Librarians

Monthly Subsidy

Instructors, Assistant Professors, and Assistant Librarians $317
Associate Professors and Associate Librarians $286
Professors and Librarians $254

Subsidies are provided through the University’s flexible spending account program and are therefore generally not considered taxable income. Referral Service: PacifiCare Behavioral Health Childcare and Eldercare Referral Service (for full-time faculty and staff only). Please contact PacifiCare at (800) 234-5465; this service will assist you in locating the following types of care for your child:

• Day care centers

• Family day care homes

• Pre-schools

• Public and Private schools with extended care

• Before and After School Care

• Nannies

• Summer Programs

• Programs for Children with Special Needs Child Care

USF Sponsored Activities:

Kid’s Camp – Contact the USF Koret Center at (415) 422-6820 for further information.